Human heads thrown at voting stations and severed hands left nearby mid election

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Thugs launched human heads at polling stations and disposed of human remains as Mexicans gathered to vote.

The horrifying incidents unfolded in the northern city of Tijuana around 9am local time on Sunday, June 6, during the country’s midterm elections.

The suspect who left the severed head fled on foot, according to eyewitnesses in the US border city.

Forty minutes later, another individual threw two bags containing human remains and severed hands around 100m away from another polling station.

Around 12pm, another head was found in the Mariano Matamoros neighbourhood, according to the Spanish EFE news agency.

The authorities have yet to detain anyone in connection with the incidents.

It was not immediately clear what message the gruesome act was meant to send and how it related to the election.

In the city of Mexicali, gunmen opened fire on the offices of the National Regeneration Movement, the party of Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

There were no casualties, but police failed to make any arrests.

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The campaign for lawmakers and state authorities has been one of the bloodiest in Mexico’s recent history.

Security consultancy Etellekt said 97 politicians had been killed and 935 were attacked.

Elsewhere on voting day, someone threw an inactive grenade into a voting station in Mexico State, authorities said.

One voter, who asked not to be named, told Reuters that the crowd dispersed but then returned.

They said: "People said that they would vote, and that they would not be intimidated. It was ugly."

In Sinaloa, armed men robbed electoral material from voting stations, a source at the state prosecutor's office said.

All 500 seats in the lower house of the federal Congress, 15 state governorships and thousands of local leadership positions are up for grabs, with 93.5 million Mexicans eligible to vote.

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Erik Ulises Ramirez, a candidate for the left-wing opposition Citizen's Movement party who survived an assassination attempt last month in Cocula, Guerrero state, said two of his allies ad been kidnapped, beaten and then released.

Security analysts said most electoral violence tends to occur at the municipal level, where gangs exert pressure to influence the outcome in the hope of securing more control over drug trafficking and other criminal rackets.

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