Hurricane Ida set to roast Brits by bringing new 26C heatwave next week

Brits may be in luck for a hotter turn of weather on the horizon next week with reports of a 26C heatwave.

However, the warm sunshine will be met with miserable thunderstorms too.

Hurricane Ida battering the US east coast could spill across the Atlantic, and while it disperses, causes a series of unsettled weather for the UK.

Its remnants could bring wetter and warmer weather across the country, as the weather system controls the jet stream.

As we enter the first week of September highs of 25C are expected over the next couple of days, according to the Met Office forecast.

Dry conditions on Friday and Saturday will turn less settled on Sunday with "showers and perhaps longer spells of rain".

Ida's influence is expected to form a small dip in the jet stream which allows low pressure to move near Britain but also draws up warmer air coming in from the south.

However, it creates a perfect condition for rain and high temperatures, writes The Sun.

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It comes after "more rain and wind" than what Brits endured in August is forecast for this month.

A plume of "humid, warm air" is predicted to bring showers and potential "thunderstorms", say forecasters.

As wetter conditions arrive on Sunday, "longer spells" of rainfall are set to appear later on in the week, with the western parts of the UK most affected.

However, temperatures are still set to soar to 26C in London on Monday.

Met meteorologist Alex Deakin explained: "The remnants of Hurricane Ida will be drawing up a lot of warmth and rain.

"The energetic system from the tropics will push the jet stream up to the north that then dives down."

Warmer weather coming next week will be after the cooler spells over the next few days.

However, there is still a "strong signal that there will be a jump in the temperatures next week" even with the expected storms.

The Met Office warns: "There is the potential for some of the rain to be heavy at times, with the risk of some thunderstorms mixed in."

Although BBC Weather says predictions are still uncertain over the "the weather pattern for the North Atlantic and Europe is at the mercy of Atlantic hurricane activity for the next few weeks."

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