Incredible moment man shoos huge 16ft crocodile away after it blocks track

A man has casually shooed off a giant crocodile on a walking track by commanding the beast to get into the water.

Matt Wright has been working with crocodiles for over 25 years and regularly stars in the National Geographic TV show Outback Wrangler.

In a video shared on his TikTok account, the experienced croc handler stops at a track where a 16ft beast blocks half of the road in the Sweets Lagoon, Northern Territory of Australia.

Matt, who treks with his bare feet, stands in front of the monster and waves his cap to encourage it to make a move.

The reptile remains motionless and Matt complains: "He's not moving."

The wrangler then confidently turns his back on the predator as he looks for a stick around the bush.

He comes back and waves the stick, shouting: "Go on, go on then! Get out."

The beast starts turning to the right and makes its way to the lagoon. "Good boy!" Matt adds.

The crocodile, known as "Otis", is the resident alpha male at Sweets Lagoon and was "sunning itself during the wet season".

Matt previously filmed himself telling another crocodile to "sit" when he tried to clear logs in the river.

He even placed his hands on the crocodile's upper snout and casually shoves it away in the shallow water.

Viewers who followed Matt's account were blown away by his skills.

One said: "The fact you called him a good boy at the end and even turned your back on him."

"How high was the adrenaline there?" a second asked.

A third added: "That's the most Australian thing I've seen."

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