Influencer slammed for pics in front of dads coffin says he would be proud

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A young influencer who sparked an outcry after posing for a sexy snap next to her dad's open casket defended the controversial post and said he would be "proud" of her.

Jayne Rivera uploaded a racy picture standing next to her veteran father's coffin just days after his death.

The caption read: "#rip #papi #dadless #veteran #ptsd #funeral #neverforgotten."

Ms Rivera, 20, swiftly deleted the post after furore in the comments shortly before her account was disabled by Instagram.

Yet Jayne has now come forward to defend the slammed post.

She told NBC News she "understood" the frosty reception to her post.

The model said her father supported her career as a "full-time influencer" while he was alive, and would be "proud" she continued to pursue it after his death.

Jayne said: "Everyone handles the loss of a loved one in their own ways; some are more traditional while others might come across as taboo.

"For me, I treated the celebration as if my father was right next to me, posing for the camera as he had done on many occasions prior."

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She explained she posted the pic "with the best intentions in a manner my father would have approved with had he still been alive".

Jayne was wearing a slender black dress next to the open casket, posing to show her curvy body.

She added: "[I see] nothing wrong with what I posted, and I stand by that."

Military vet dad Jose Antonio Rivera died aged 56 on October 11.

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In a column, Piers Morgan branded Jayne's contentious upload "repellently distasteful".

Piers wrote: "Jose Antonio Rivera, 56, was a war veteran whose heroic service to his country alone demanded that his death be greeted with the utmost respect and dignity.

"Instead, he became a trashy tool for a daughter whose addiction to social media and seeking attention and praise from strangers over-rode any sense of basic common decency."

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