Inside abandoned mental asylum with doctors paper work on inmates strewn around

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This terrifying abandoned mental health hospital was first opened in 1916 and closed in 2016 leaving it a vacant paradise for looters and vandals.

Ridge Lea Asylum in Lancaster had a demolition request refused, despite Star Planning and Development describing how the building had been a vicious target of unlawful breaking, looting and vandalism.

Now the 'Urbexcr' group, who travel all across the UK venturing into interesting abandoned buildings, bravely went into the hospital to see what was left behind.

The courageous pair claimed the place was "absolutely wrecked" as they snapped photos of broken windows and rotting walls.

Photos from inside the huge abandoned asylum showed the aftermath of years of decay and vandalism – with rooms that look as if they'd been set on fire and walls stripped of copper wire.

One of the explorers said: "Even though the place was absolutely destroyed it was still an interesting explore. There was so much natural decay and lots of history of the asylum it once was.

"Bars on some of the windows, observation rooms, paper work from doctors with procedures on how to treat specific mental health issues, and a secure exercise yard with super high fence and locking system were all found in the premises."

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The couple said the whole place had an "eerie feel" and claimed it wasn't "somewhere we wanted to stick around for long".

Some rooms have obviously been vandalised and stripped of their wallpaper and fittings as the hallways are missing parts of its carpeting and flooring.

Whiteboards in many of the rooms remain in place with eerie old messages about former patients and staff.

In one of the hallways, a lone bath tub sits creepily in the middle of the walk space – assumedly placed there by vandals.

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