Inside abandoned school with workbooks untouched where guns were tested

An urban explorer has entered an abandoned high school that was once used by police to test ammunition.

Bearded Reality, who has 5,600 subscribers on YouTube, visited Birkdale high-school in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, as one of his latest explores.

The abandoned building, south of Leeds, was formally closed in 2011 and was once used as a film site for the CBBC show Hank Zipzer in 2015.

However, the show relocated for Series 3 with the premises being used more recently for West Yorkshire Police to test firearms and for training, Yorkshire Live reports.

Images and video footage of the exploration show so much equipment still on the abandoned premises, including science posters still pinned to the walls in classrooms, old keyboards, projectors and even children exercise books still on their desks.

Bearded Reality said: "I was super surprised to see what was left there as so much could be reused.

"It was a shame to see a place left to decay. I was super surprised seeing all equipment still there as it's been like this for like 10 years I think."

Some comments on the video have said that this used to be their school, which thrived when it was a functioning establishment.

One comment read: "Going down High-school memory lane."

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Another added: "Used to be a thriving school, surprised its abandoned."

A third said: "Looks more like Chernobyl than my old school."

A fourth wrote: "Unrecognisable what a waste could’ve donated equipment and furnishings to someone."

The news comes after an explorer shared eerie images from inside a collapsing building that was once a children's home.

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'Exploring with Jake' posted images showing the collapsed roof of the Belmont Care Home from the air before going inside for a more harrowing view.

Rubble can be seen scattered all over the floor with a chandelier hanging by a thread from the ceiling.

The staircase has also been completely destroyed by vandals who tore down wallpaper and spray-painted tags on the wall.

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