Inside trillionaire fraud Andrew Tates £600k compound next to airport

Controversial public figure Andrew Tate, who proclaimed himself as a "trillionaire" has been living inside of a Romanian compound valued at £600,000.

The so-called trillionaire, 36, had been squatting near to an airport, with his base of operations found to have been a Romanian warehouse in the outskirts of Bucharest.

Fraudster Tate, who seemingly revealed his own location to authorities with a pizza box in a video response to climate activist Greta Thunberg, was seen to be living at a compound stuffed full of guns, cash and televisions.

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His £600k-valued warehouse, which was planted right in the centre of a rundown estate, had housed the controversial figure.

But not anymore, as police busted through the compound doors and arrested Tate on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and forming an organised crime group.

A massive price to pay for a bit of pizza, which gave police the tip-off to his location, a property allegedly filled with swords, daggers, supercars and guns.

The former professional kickboxer was born in the Us but had grown up in London, and had since claimed to be the world's first trillionaire, although the beat-up compound positioned a short distance from an airport shows otherwise.

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Despite the location, near to that of Aurel Vlaicu International Airport, Tate found his compound surrounded by abandoned building projects, not exactly the lap of luxury for a self-made trillionaire.

Influencer Tate had moved to Romania allegedly to avoid police interference, ironic since it was Romanian police that broke through his compound and arrested the 36-year-old, as well as his brother Tristan.

Claiming he doesn't live in the UK as he cannot legally have bodyguards there, the 36-year-old influencer is believed to be worth around £100million, and not the trillion he has convinced himself of.

His concrete fortress has been shown time and time again in ego-soothing snaps where Tate was seen counting cash and puffing on cigars.

Inside of the compound are a number of unique features including a chessboard dedicated to his Grandmaster father, Emory Tate, an international Master of the game.

Also featured in the £600k home are plenty of monitors, televisions and desks, which give the feeling of an empty MI6 office from a James Bond movie.

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Several women had been found in a so-called video chat studio a few hundred yards from the main property during a raid in April, Daily Mail reported.

At the time of the December raid, which took place earlier today, Tate had tweeted: "The Matrix sent their agents."

Tate, speaking of his distaste for sticking to the confines of law and order, said in an interview prior to his arrest: "I like living in a society where my money, influence, and power means I'm not below or beholden to any of these bulls*** laws."

A spokesperson for the Tate brothers said the pair had the "utmost respect for the Romanian authorities and will always assist and help in any way they can."

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