Inside Vladimir Putins torture dungeons with electric shocks and penis clamps

Vladimir Putin's security service is brutally abusing detainees with Electric shocks and iron pipe beatings in his Crimean "torture dungeons", according to horrifying reports.

Stories of terrified victims having their penises clamped until they are numb are among more than 200 reports of inhumane treatment of people complied by human rights campaigners.

A quarter of those are torture cases as Russia blocks all access to human rights group into Crimea, said the Unian Information Society.

Crimea-born Ibrahimjon Mirpochchaev, who managed to flee to safety, told reporters that he was captured during a Federal Security Service, also known as the FSB, raid in his house, the Sun reports.

Ibrahimjon was reportedly tied to a chair, his legs and hands tied up with scotch tape, before being brutally beaten.

FSB operatives allegedly put a bag on his head and strangled him, demanding that he confess to extremism.

"They took off my jeans and underwear, put me on the floor, tied my hands around my feet.

"They stuck something into me from behind and connected something, stuffed a rag into my mouth.

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"They turned on some kind of machine and I was hit with electricity, I felt like I was burning inside," he said.

"We can only guess how many people have already suffered from Russian torture in Crimea", added Unian.

Open Democracy also reports on those forced to confess to trumped-up crimes under torture.

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One victim, Evgeny Panov, recalled: “During the torture they put a clamp on my penis and then screwed it until I went numb."

His captors then allegedly beat and shocked him: “They attached some electrodes to my right knee, left leg and hip with tape, and turned the electricity on.

"I lost consciousness several times.

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“They beat my head with an iron pipe, my back, my kidneys, my arms, my legs, they stretched my handcuffs till my hands went numb.

"They hung me up by my handcuffs: they bent my legs at the knees, brought the handcuffs to my front just beneath my knees and then put an iron bar under my knees.

"Then two men picked this bar and me up from either side, causing me incredible pain.”

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Russia and the Ukraine have remained technically at war since 2014 following the Ukrainian Revolution to overthrow pro-Russian government of Viktor Yanukovych.

Vladimir Putin's forces annexed the region of Crimea from Ukraine in a move which was widely condemned by the West.

Crimean Tartars have been targeted for repressions after resisting the takeover, with hundreds of their children allegedly being held by Russia in 2020, reports Radio Free Europe.

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Russia's secret service, the FSB, is using torture to extract confessions for trials based on anonymous witnesses in Crimea, a UN report warned.

There is no access to Crimea for any human rights watchdogs, as Russia has blocked their entry.

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The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said: "OHCHR received information that victims were coerced to self-incriminate, testify against others or provide DNA samples outside the standard framework for doing so.

"At least 10 people (all men) were convicted almost exclusively based on anonymous witness testimony."

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