ISIS bride Shamima Begum in poor attempt at sadness says body language expert

ISIS bride Shamima Begum made a "very poor attempt" to show sadness when she found out about the removal of her British citizenship, a body language expert has claimed.

The schoolgirl-turned-terrorist sympathiser had her British citizenship revoked in 2019 after she was deemed a national security risk.

She claimed that shew was no threat to the UK public and that she still supported British values.

In a video clip which Ms Begum reading out the Home Secretary's verdict, she looks visibly upset, calling the decision "heart-breaking".

But body language expert Dr Cliff Lansley said her "sad" expression might be suggesting something else.

He said in a Discovery+ documentary: "This is as near to a sad face I can find in all the footage. Her eyes are down, her lips are arched but they are not down in a reliable form, pulled by these muscles, depressor muscles that pull the corners down.

"She's forming this pitiful face, it's being posed because we can see it's been created by the chin boss being pushed upwards.

"When we see children do that, we call that a pout or a sulk, so that's a very poor attempt from Begum to try and display sadness, to attract sympathy to have her case reheard, appealed to allow her move into the UK."

Supreme Court's Lord Reed announced the decision of the appeal in February, saying: "The Supreme Court unanimously allows all of the Home Secretary’s appeals and dismisses Ms Begum’s cross-appeal."

He added that the Court of Appeal wrongly "made its own assessment of the requirements of national security and preferred it to that of the Secretary of State, despite the absence of any relevant evidence before it".

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While the verdict was a blow to Ms Begum's wish to return home, forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes argued that there is a case to feel compassion towards Begum as a product of indoctrination.

"No, I don't feel sympathy for her," he sad. "But do I feel compassion her, I have to think that she is somebody who has a child has been brought into a cult and systematically radicalised."

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