Japanese Towns Drop Plans to Host Olympics Athletes

Many towns in Japan, including Tokyo, have reported that the ability to host multitudes of Olympic athletes is slim due to issues of stretched resource allocation, coronavirus infections, and stress on available medical resources.

According to a popular newspaper called Nikkei, only 40 out of a total of 500 towns across Japan have only agreed in accommodating many athletes that are expected to grace the Olympic stage.

It is a decision that was confirmed by the government of Japan, citing that it will be strenuous for such a global event to take place.

COVID-19 is the Main Trigger

The issue of Covid 19 was the main trigger in the denouncement of athletes hosting.  Many communities in Japan have been uneasy and unsettled by the scourge brought about by Covid 19, and it will be yet another weight for them to bear if many athletes stream down into their various locations.

Even though Japan is well known for its welcoming and friendly citizenry, this moment is a bit different considering the rise of the global pandemic.

Tokyo is expected to host the 2020 Olympic games which were postponed at one time but were then rescheduled for the 23rd of August 2021. Despite the rise in infections in Japan, responsible authorities are working tirelessly to make the event a possibility.

But, even though there is a capacity to hold the event, many towns are not in a position to welcome more people. Communities know that if the Olympics are passed, athletes will not only be the only ones to brace their communities but also various supporters from across the globe.

COVID-19 Vaccinations Mandatory in Host Cities

If the Olympics are to be held, the host city is to be vaccinated thoroughly, making sure that there are no chances for infection burst. It is unfortunate for teams from various nations that had already been grouped in various cities.

For team USA, Chiba was their location for camping but it is the worst hit by Covid 19, meaning that some rescheduling should be done to make sure that they are safe and sound.

Team USA actually went on to suspend their camping plans in Chiba citing it as a sign of future health jeopardy. They will have to be allocated somewhere with low infection frequency.

Responsible authorities in Chiba, led by Governor Toshihito Kumagai, said that facilities will be put in sheer order so as to guarantee the health and safety of athletes. As a way of assurance, they will supply more beds and better preferential treatment to secure athletes’ health

 There will be specific mechanisms in those same hospitals whereby athletes will use their own beds while residents from the same community will have to use their own beds also. It is a responsive system that will surely cater to the health of team USA.

When it comes to India’s hockey team, Shiro Hasegawa, who is currently an official of Okuizumo Town, said that it was going to be difficult to accommodate the team in their town due to various reasons.

The reasons include cost issues, time interval issues, and the impossibility to exchange some activities between citizens and athletes.

When it comes to the issue of hospitals responding to Covid 19 infections, they are currently overstretched and the country must enroll more medical staff to capacitate the incoming athletes from all over the world.

Medical staff in Japan saw it as important to first assess the current medical response situation before the entrance of many athletes into the nation.

By doing so, you will be able to plan ahead. Recently, the International Olympic Committee stated that Japan had passed a resolute to ensure proper care of athletes.

This was said in a speech that ended in “Historic event” remarks. Municipalities are currently working together to ensure a good and proper supply of Coronavirus safety measures.

In the wake of the fourth wave, people nailed at denouncing the continuation of Olympic plans, citing that the government is not ready.

Their argument is based on the fact that the government is failing to save its own residents yet they want to enroll other people from the world.

Japanese Government Sourcing Vaccinations for Athletes

However, though the opposition has moved with that notion, the Japanese government is currently sourcing proper vaccinations for 2,500 athletes that will brace the entirety of Japan. Though it will strain the economy, the international community says that they will chip in massively to make the Olympic competition a possibility.

Japan is also on the radar of new infections because recently they recorded 7,000 new infections throughout the nation and in the pride of Tokyo, a total of 969 new cases have been brought to book.

On top of that 969, another 700 was topped up showing that infections are on a surge.

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