Jesse Jackson: ‘Racism is bone-deep in Britain and America’

Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson has described racism as “bone-deep” in Britain and the US.

The Baptist minister and politician, who worked with Martin Luther King Jr, has urged for the history of countries in the Caribbean and Africa to be taught in British schools.

His comments come after the joint general secretaries of the National Education Union (NEU) sent a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the injustices and racial disparities highlighted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The letter called for immediate advice to employers in the education sector about racial disparities, for the school curriculum to embrace black history, and for new entrants to the teaching profession to be more diverse.

Speaking on a Black Lives Matter solidarity panel, hosted by the NEU, he said: “The top universities in Britain have some obligation to include people of colour.

“Why should there be a monopoly on intelligence? That’s a supremacist proposition. When we learn together we grow together.

He added: “Life is not a straight line, white folks don’t have a monopoly on information, we must figure out a way to include people of every level who bring different attributes to the education table.

“Racism is bone-deep in Britain and America, race supremacy is the foundation, the lead race is supreme, blacks inferior.

“The whole body of academic work and practical work are written around blacks being inferior whether they’re from India, the Caribbean or Africa, they’re inferior.”

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