Jewish group demands tougher action against mum who hung Nazi flag in bedroom

A British Jewish community organisation has called on the police to take firmer action against a woman who was pictured with a Nazi flag displayed in her bedroom.

Neighbours of Amy Newport, 39, called counter-terror police after the mother-of-two hung the large flag on the wall of her room, which could be seen clearly from the street.

Police warned the mum of two that she could be committing a criminal offence, due to the fact it could be seen from outside of her Swindon-based home.

According to The Sun, the former warehouse worker agreed to take it down after being given “strong words of advice” by officers.

One local resident said: “You couldn’t miss the flag. It’s vile and this is such a nice area which makes it even more shocking. We’re all disgusted.

“That symbol means nothing but hate and evil. Why would anyone want to have it hanging on display for everyone to see through the window?”

But a spokesman for the Campaign Against Antisemitism exclusively told the Daily Star that, if it happens again, then “the police must issue more than just warnings”.

The spokesman said: “It is sickening to think that there are still people in Britain who take pleasure in hanging giant Nazi banners in their homes.

“This person even apparently had the audacity to display the flag for anyone looking from outside to see.

“She vastly underestimated the common decency of her neighbours.

“If it happens again, the police must issue more than just warnings.”

Ms Newport refused to comment when questioned by The Sun about the incident, although she did deny that she was racist.

She added: “I’ve got lots of flags in my home.”

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police confirmed that the woman was given “strong words of advice”, but that possession of the flag was “not illegal”.

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