JFK confession: Lee Harvey Oswald’s chilling letter to brother while in Russia exposed

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Oswald is credited with having assassinated JFK as the presidential motorcade travelled through Dallas, Texas on Friday 23 November, 1963. After initially escaping the police, Oswald was later tracked down to a theatre.

He was arrested and taken to Dallas Police Headquarters.

Two days later, on Sunday November 25, a local nightclub owner named Jack Ruby entered the police headquarters and fatally shot Oswald.

That moment can be seen as just one bizarre event in a string of questionable occurrences in the life of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Four years prior to the events of that day, in 1959, after serving for a short while in the US army, Oswald acquired a “hardship discharge” based on the need to support his mother.

Apparently out of nowhere, Oswald proceeded to take a boat to Europe, first stopping at Finland, moving on to the Soviet Union.

When he reached Moscow, he publicly announced he had defected to Russia.

More controversially, Oswald also announced he would provide Russia with US radar secrets.

From this point on, multiple divisions of US intelligence offices kept files on him.

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A reconstruction during the 2013 documentary “Killing Oswald” plays out a letter he sent to his brother Robert, dated November 8, 1959.

The letter read: “Dear Robert, well; what should we talk about?

“The weather perhaps?

“Surely you do not wish me to speak of my decision to remain in the Soviet Union and ask for citizenship here?

“I am afraid you would not be able to comprehend my reasons.

“I assume you received my telegram and was glad to hear from you.

“Only one word bothered me, the word ‘mistake’.

“It is not for you to tell me this.


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“You cannot understand my reasons for such a serious action.

“I will never return to the United States which is a country I hate.

“I will never speak to anyone from the United States over the telephone that may be taped by the Americans.

“Should you wish to correspond with me, you can write to the below address.

“But I really don’t see what we could talk about.”

After his defection, the CIA put Oswald on their top-secret mail intercept watchlist and his letters home were routinely monitored.

The agency would have read all of Oswald’s correspondence with his brother before he had received it.

Despite the CIA’s close monitoring of Oswald during this time, the agency appeared to let him slip through their radar afterwards.

On returning to the US from Moscow in 1961, Oswald was questioned little about his involvement with the Soviet Union or about his claim to revealing radar secrets.

The point has led many to reason that Oswald was in fact working with the US government, FBI, and CIA.

During “Killing Oswald” Professor Joan Mellen, described an event that suggested Oswald was working directly with the US authorities.

She said: “When Oswald first arrives in New Orleans, what does he do?

“He goes to 544 Camp Street or 531 Lafayette Street depending on which door you go in.

“He goes into the office of Guy Banister, former special agent in charge of the FBI field office in Chicago now running a detective agency in New Orleans as a CIA operative of high level.

“And, he asked for a job.

“One day, the secretary said to Guy Banister ‘look, there’s your friend Oswald giving out pro-Castro leaflets downstairs’.

“And Guy Banister brushed that aside.

“He said: ‘He’s one of ours’.

“Oswald was doing his best to keep up his cover.

“The CIA had a plan to blame Castro for the assassination and to make Oswald the agent of Fidel Castro.”

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