Joe Biden health: Fears over ‘incredible omission’ for future Democrat president or Trump

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Current polling data shows that Mr Biden remains ahead with an eight-point lead but President Trump is narrowing the gap. The incumbent leader claimed a “big red wave had formed” this week but statistics show his opponent remains ahead. While Mr Biden is tipped as the forerunner of the 2020 US election, the results are not guaranteed – as shown by President Trump’s 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton. Whichever candidate the US decides, one forensic psychiatrist has warned that additional checks are desperately needed before any hopeful president is inaugurated.

Dr Bandy X Lee, who has worked at the Yale School of Medicine and is a consultant for the World Health Organisation, was concerned about the lack of mental health checks for future US leaders.

The forensic psychiatrist stated that further wellbeing checks were desperately needed due to the tremendous strain a leader can be under. 

She told “I still recommend that all presidential and vice-presidential candidates take fitness tests before assuming office.

“It is an incredible omission that a commander-in-chief is not required to take even the routine test that all military officers, law enforcement personnel, and even those performing mundane jobs such as toxic waste removal must take.

“Yet positions of power disproportionately attract individuals who are dangerously disordered.”

Dr Lee, who has treated “violent offenders” for many years, observed both candidates’ behaviour during their campaigns and public debates.

She claimed to see “nothing alarming… such as dangerousness or unfitness” from Mr Biden but was concerned by President Trump.

When asked about concerns of the current leader not leaving the White House if he lost – a suggestion many have voiced in the past – Dr Lee feared the worst.

She told of the possible consequences following the election: “The first and foremost is any level of violence – civil war, international war or even nuclear war, which are all real possibilities.

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“The last is resignation and quitting.”

Dr Lee detailed her full conclusions about the US leader in her new book Profile of a Nation: Trump’s Mind, America’s Soul.

She was deeply fearful of President Trump being reelected – something she claimed could bring about mass public outrage.

Dr Lee said: “American democracy will surely be destroyed, the country will descend into violence and chaos.

“It would begin a very dark time for the nation as well as the world, since brutal dictators and fascist regimes will flourish everywhere.”

Dr Bandy X Lee’s work can be read online here. 

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