Kanye West rants about US election campaign funding – ‘Got more money than Trump!’

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The rapper announced he would be running for president in the November 3 election on Twitter on July 4. He will be facing incumbent Republican president Donald Trump and Democrat nominee Joe Biden, but doubts remains about the seriousness of his campaign. Previously, the star had said he was “not denying” running for president to take votes away from Democrats.

On Nick Cannon’s podcast, Mr West said the Republican Party could not afford to pay him to spoil Mr Biden’s campaign.

He said: “People keep on saying, ‘I think that y’all -you and Republicans – are in cahoots’.

“Bro, can’t nobody pay me. I’ve got more money than Trump.”

He then added: “I’m not running for president. I’m walking.”

Mr West’s net worth is reportedly $1.3 billion, while the president’s is $2.1 billion.

Mr West has been accused of attempting to siphon votes away from Mr Biden’s Democrat campaign.

In an interview with Forbes shortly after he announced his plans to campaign for president, he refused to clarify whether he intends to spoil the Democrats chance of victory.

He said when asked if he was comfortable with damaging Mr Biden’s campaign: “I’m not denying it; I just told you.”

In a later interview with Forbes on August 6, he was told he cannot win the US election as he is not running in enough states to win the required 270 electoral votes.

He said in reply: “I’m not going to argue with you. Jesus is King.”

Democrats were outraged when it was confirmed White House adviser Jared Kushner met with Mr West.

Mr Kushner, also son-in-law to Mr Trump, claimed the meeting was more of a “general conversation” about “policy”.

His claim followed reports of Republicans backing Mr West’s bid for election in key swing states to damage the Democrats chances of victory.

Gregg Keller, the former executive director of the American Conservative Union in Missouri, signed on to be the campaign point of contact when Mr West filed to appear on the ballot in Arkansas.

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Mr Trump has claimed no knowledge of Mr West’s campaign, despite accusation of Republican interference.

In a press briefing on August 6, the US president said: “I like Kanye very much, but no, I have nothing to do with him getting on the ballot.

“We’ll have to see what happens. We’ll see if he gets on the ballot. But I’m not involved.”

In 2018, Mr West attracted major controversy when he claimed “clavery was a choice” and threw his support behind the Republican leader.

He visited the White House in 2018, and made a bizarre statement about him and Mr Trump sharing “dragon energy”.

Mr West’s campaign, according to an Ipsos/Reuters poll, has seen only two percent of support from registered voters.

His campaign has also seen difficulty due to his late registration, missing many key dates to get listed on state ballots.

Mr West sued Ohio’s election chief in an effort to be placed on the ballot after the Secretary of State deemed him unqualified as an independent candidate.

He has also sued the Wisconsin Elections Committee after missing the deadline to submit his nomination papers by 14 seconds.

Mr West will appear on 10 state’s ballots for the November 3 election.

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