Kate Middleton saw Harrys first panic attack in Range Rover going to polo

Prince Harry has said that Kate Middleton was an eyewitness to his first-ever panic attack when they travelled to a polo game.

Writing in his new memoir Spare Harry admitted that he “was an agoraphobe,” someone with a fear of open and crowded places, and had suffered panic attacks for some time.

Harry explained how his brother, Prince William, had also been present the first time he had a panic attack as they headed out for a game of polo in Gloucestershire.

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“He’d been present for my very first panic attack. With Kate.

“We were driving out to a polo match in Gloucestershire, in their Range Rover.

“I was in the back and Willy peered at me in the rear-view.

“He saw me sweating, red-faced.

“‘You alright, Harold?’”

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Harry added: “No, I wasn’t. It was a trip of several hours and every few miles I wanted to ask him to pull over so I could jump out and try and catch my breath.”

Harry claimed that he would be frustrated with William later on because he made fun of him for being sweaty at a public speaking engagement, despite being there for the first time.

In a passage shortly before, Harry said: “After one speech, which couldn't be avoided or cancelled, and during which I’d nearly fainted, Willy came up to be backstage, laughing.

“‘Harold! Look at you! You’re drenched.’

"I couldn't fathom his reaction. Him of all people.”

He later added: “He knew something was up, something bad. He’d told me that day or soon after that I needed help. And now he was teasing me? I couldn’t imagine how he could be so insensitive.”

The entry comes as part of an ongoing rumble between the brothers which has seen the Duke of Sussex use his new book to air a number of controversial sticking points with the Prince of Wales.

In the book, Harry has alleged that his brother both physically assaulted him and that he used his PR team to spread and disseminate stories.


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