Kebab shop owners viciously beat alleged burglar in barbaric CCTV footage

A disturbing video shows three kebab shop owners inflict serious injuries on a suspected burglar – including a fractured eye socket.

Zafar Ahmed, 35 and brothers Asmat Khan, 33, and Mohammed Khan, 25, were jailed following the incident which happened at Victoria Kebabs in Nottingham on June 12 last year.

In the clip, Adrian Perry is being dragged along the pavement by the three men and is then hauled into the kebab shop after being accused of an earlier break-in at the premises, Nottingham Live reports.

He is then ruthlessly beaten, with multiple kicks and punches being leveled into his body.

The victim was further beaten after the security shutters had been closed and this part of the attack, in which his eye socket was cracked, was "too disturbing" to show, according to police.

Asmat Khan interrogated Mr Perry and filmed him on his phone but after a member of the public spotted the commotion Nottinghamshire Police were called.

Upon arriving one of the men told officers "he burgled the shop".

Mr Perry, who did not cooperate with the police investigation, suffered numerous "grave" injuries including fractures to his eye socket, cheekbone, jaw, and a fracture to his forearm.

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Judge Steven Coupland jailed each defendant to two years each in prison, of which they will serve half and the remainder on licence.

Detective Inspector, Danny Johnstone, of Nottinghamshire's criminal investigation department, described the attack as "barbaric", while the judge questioned why they hadn't simply called the police if they suspected anything was amiss.

He said: "The victim was treated in hospital after suffering broken bones, including a broken eye socket.

"The psychological impact will stay with him forever.

"These three men have proven that they are capable of organised violence which goes against every fibre of our being.

"It is beyond expression that they continued to assault and beat their victim while he lay defenceless on the floor.

"I'd like to thank the member of the public who rightly reported the suspicious nature in which the victim was dragged into the shop to Nottinghamshire Police.

"I fear, that if they hadn't, this incident would have had a much different ending."

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