Labrador puppy rips up owners fed sign and holds food bowl in hilarious stunt

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A Labrador puppy hilariously ripped up his owner's note warning that the pooch already been fed.

Owner Beth Durney was left in stitches at the sight of little Wilbur destroying her husband's note before strutting around carrying his food bowl in his mouth.

The couple's decision to leave messages to one another started when the hungry dog would constantly ask for food and end up with two dinners.

Beth, 45, was not the only one who saw the funny side of Wilbur's cheeky antics as comments from friends and family poured in on on Facebook after she shared snaps of the incident.

In one picture posted on social media, an angel-faced Wilbur is seen holding a bowl in his mouth begging for an extra helping of food.

A second photo shows Beth's handwritten note warning he had been fed that the mutt had torn up moments before, WalesOnline reports.

As well as tricking his owners into handing over second helpings using his 'puppy dog eyes', Wilbur also has a bad habit of gobbling down dead rodents when he finds them on his walkies.

Beth, from Leeds, West Yorkshire, said: "When I saw him, I just laughed. It's typical of Wilbur.

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"He did it not long after I'd got in from work. It was there all day then it blew off the counter and Wilbur decided to eat it.

"He's the master of irony. I managed to get the sign off him then he trotted in with the bowl in his mouth.

"The 'dog's been fed' sign is because me and my husband work shifts. Sometimes he'll get up earlier than me and he'll say 'dog's been fed' or not, because you can't tell. He'll eat all the time.

"He's 22kg already and only eight months old. He's a big dog.

"The bowl is his go-to thing. He likes carrying his bowl around with him.

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"You wouldn't believe what that dog can fit in his gob."

Beth and her husband first bought Wilbur after their Dalmatian passed away in February and soon realised the hungry mutt loved his grub.

Beth said: "We do have a new sign now. It says 'dog been fed' on one side and 'dog not been fed' on the other.

"We have to lock his food away. We can't leave that out. He's a Labrador. He'd eat the whole thing, or as much as he could. He's very food orientated.

"He currently has a lovely habit of finding dead rodents in the field when he's out on walks – then he eats them.

"I snapped a picture to show my husband then sent to a WhatsApp with my mum and dad. They thought it was hilarious."

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