Last Covid rules in place after Boris Johnson lifts remaining legal restrictions

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Brits will be hoping that the end of the pandemic is around the corner as the government announces new changes to Covid laws.

Sadly, there are still over 51,000 cases according to the most recent seven-day average, and the virus does not simply disappear once the government says it does.

Criticism of the lifting of restrictions announced by Boris Johnson and his Living Safely With Covid plan has been widespread from scientists and the Labour Party, with people deeming it too soon to do so.

Others have been critical of the plans as there are concerns that the responsibility the government plans to give Brits will lead to people sick with Covid milling about public places, or choosing not to isolate as they are no longer legally required to do so from February 24.

There are still a number of things you still can't do due to some Covid restrictions left over, though.

So what are they?

What Covid travel rules are still in place?

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Most of the restrictions still in place affect how people will travel. Variants – the emergence of Omicron showed they can be hard to keep on top of – can emerge from anywhere on Earth, and other countries also have rules of their own people need to aide by.

NHS Covid pass use abroad

Travel rules are being left in place to try and stop the spread of the virus and one thing people will still need access to is the NHS Covid pass.

Domestic use of this is being scrapped from April 1, but UK citizens can still access it through the app as use of their vaccination status for international travel.

Passenger Locator Form

There are also now no requirements for eligible travellers except for needing to complete a Passenger Locator Form.

Those who are not fully vaccinated need to take a pre-departure test and a test on arrival on or before day two. However, they no longer need to isolate or take a day eight test.


Quarantine measures will be wound down as global travel beings to fully open up once again.

The government explained: "Given the current state of the pandemic and a move towards global travel volumes returning to normal, the infrastructure for hotel quarantine will be fully stood down from the end of March."

Do I still have to wear face masks?

There will be plenty of places that still require the use of face masks and organisations can request that people wear them when using their services, although this will end on TFL transport in London.

They are still mandatory across certain health care settings such as GPs care home and ICU wards

Covid prison measures

Tough measures in prisons will remain as there are fears that mass virus breakouts could lead to violence and unrest inside British jails.

However, this is likely to be decided on a prison-by-prison basis, according to reports by i.

Any restrictions remaining, the Ministry of Justice says, would be to avoid the "risk of disorder, violence, suicide, self-harm and escape".

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