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Consider it a shot in the arm for your constituents

Re: “Rep. Buck says he won’t get vaccinated,” Dec. 19 news story

Dear Congressman Buck:

I am deeply disappointed and outraged that you would refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine. I am a constituent and a senior with medical conditions that have forced my confinement at home since March 12.

I am writing on behalf of all Coloradans who are sick or who have lost loved ones in this pandemic. I include in my thoughts and prayers those who worked in the meat-packing plant in Greeley and the elders living in care facilities in our congressional district who have died, the front-line health/public service workers and those in grocery and drug stores serving the public everyday, and the teachers and children who cannot attend school in person safely in Colorado until this virus is controlled.

We cannot fully grieve those lost nor get our country back on track until our governmental representatives, like you, do the patriotic thing and take the vaccine publicly. You are not truly representing all the people of the Congressional District 4 or Colorado until you do the right thing and get vaccinated!

C. R. Marty, Longmont

Governors’ power infringes

Re: “Colorado’s COVID-19 situation is improving,” Dec. 22 news story

If the COVID-19 situation is indeed improving, as the article in The Post states, that’s great. However, I don’t get too excited. As long as we have power-loving governors, supported by the liberal media, they will continue to control my passion for travel and enjoying life. Is there no one in the media who sees this abuse of political power, or is it only if it involves President Trump?

Denny Cannon, Littleton

Health workers are my pick

I am an 81-year-old man who came home a couple of nights ago after 23 days in the hospital with COVID-19. The reasons I am home, slowly recovering, are the extraordinary medical staff and management at St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood and the love and support of family and friends. I voted for President Donald Trump, but come Jan. 20 I will support and wish President Joe Biden well. I am a proud American and the people have spoken. With this pandemic, how absurd to call two politicians “Person of the Year.” The real persons of the year are the health care workers and staff. How partisan are you, Time Magazine?

William W. Jackson, Lakewood

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