Loyal dog ‘saves owner’s life’ after knocking gunman to the ground outside home

A loyal dog has taken a bullet for his owner when he was threatened by a pair of armed robbers who tried to steal his money.

Lood De Jager, 58, was followed home by the suspects after drawing out his monthly salary from a nearby bank in the town of Brakpan in the north-eastern South African province of Gauteng on September 1.

Home surveillance footage captured the moment two gunmen walking up to his black SUV and threatened him with the weapon.

While his granddaughter is opening the gate to greet him, one of the robbers takes Lood's car keys and gets in the vehicle to search for his bag of cash.

Luckily, his two protective Dobermann run to attack the gunman and knock the thug to the ground.

The gunman fires three shots in defence and one of them is shot in the four-year-old dog Niki's back.

The pair then run back to their car with the money and drive off immediately.

Lood told News 24: "They took my car keys and I just thought, they can take my car and go, it’s insured.

"But then he started asking me 'where’s the money, I know you have money'."

He praised his dog Niki for her heroic act and was glad that she survived the shooting

"He [The gunman] shot the dog, and the second shot went off through the gate and through my granddaughter’s pants and into the wall behind," Lood added. "The third shot was fired into the air."

He said Niki is recovering after the vets successfully treated the brave animal.

The grandfather continued: “She saved my life, they would have shot me, they told me they were going to shoot me."

He recovered 200 ZAR (£9) off the roadside after the brazen robbery but his friend Riaan Viviers has set up an online fundraising campaign to help him.

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