Lucky lottery winner almost missed out on £2.2m after email went to spam folder

A lucky woman claims she almost missed out on a £2.2 million lottery prize when the life-changing email went into her spam inbox.

Laura Spears grabbed a ticket for the Mega Millions December 31 draw after seeing an advert on Facebook that showed the jackpot "getting pretty high".

But weeks later she had forgotten all about it, and it was only when she was trying to track down an unrelated email that she spotted one from the Michigan Lottery in her spam folder.

Spam folders automatically filter out emails you might not want to receive and often they are permanently deleted after 30 days.

But thankfully, Laura spotted the email telling her she had won $3 million (£2.2 million).

Laura, of Michigan, told WXYZ Detroit: "It’s all still so shocking to me that I really won $3 million!"

She said she planned on retiring early and sharing the cash with her family.

Laura had won $1 million by matching all five white balls but, in another stroke of luck, had opted to pay an extra couple of dollars when buying her ticket to use the 'Megaplier' feature.

This allows players to multiple any potentially non-jackpot prizes up to as many as five times, for $1 a go.

In the US, there was $2.89 billion worth of unclaimed lottery prizes from June 2016 to June 2017, lottery expert Brett Jacobson told CNN.

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While in the UK, National Lottery players were this month being urged to check their tickets as more than £3million in unclaimed prizes was about to expire.

Six jackpot winners have yet to come forward for games including EuroMillions, Lotto and Set For Life – and time is running out for them to scoop life-changing cash.

National Lottery winners have 180 days, about six months, from the day of the draw to claim the money if they have a winning ticket.

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