Macron created vote of despair! Republican leader savages President failure in France

Republican leader savages President failure ahead of Le Pen duel

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Emmanuel Macron’s term as President has seen many crises unfolding like the Yellow Vest protests, the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the submarine deal crisis with Australia, the UK and the United States, and now the cost-of-living crisis induced by the Russia-Ukraine war. Ahead of the second round, Republican leader Christian Jacob took direct aim at President Macron for creating the circumstances around the vote and making him the only likely winner of the French presidential election. 

Mr Jacob lashed out on French TV channel LCI: “First of all, by not making reforms, by not meeting the expectations of the French, by generating anger, by generating a vote of despair. He and he alone is responsible.”

“He is the one who thought, organised, reflected on this strategy.”

“The heavy responsibility is that of Emmanuel Macron.” 

While most party leaders have called on their supporters to vote for Macron in the second round, The Republican leader Jacob has refused to make that call.

The Republican candidate Valérie Pécresse lost the first round, with a humiliating 4.8 percent of the votes.

As Ms Pécresse didn’t reach the crucial five percent threshold, she won’t have her campaign expenses reimbursed.

According to French electoral law, only candidates who got more than five percent of the votes can have their expenses fully paid for by the state.

In total, her campaign accumulated 7 million euros of debt, prompting her to make a donation plea.

Mr Jacob rejected that assessment: “We’re going to recover through the territory, the terrain. This is a bitter failure. We have to accept it. We have to rebuild ourselves with courage because that’s what politics is all about.”

“The reality is that we didn’t manage to widen the gap between the President of the Republic who delayed this campaign as much as possible and Marine Le Pen. 

Valérie Pécresse’s score of 4.8 percent is the worst score the Republican party has ever got in a French presidential election. Besides the 7-million-euro debt, the party will have to consider their future strategy.


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Former President Nicolas Sarkozy is the last candidate from the Republican party, then known as Union for a Popular Movement, to have won the presidential election in 2007.

Mr Jacob continued: “We did not expect to make less than five percent and we are in the same situation as other candidates who are also at five percent.”

Only four candidates won the first round with more than five percent, meaning all their campaign expenses will be paid for by the state.

When pressed on the party’s ability to pay off the debt, Mr Jacob said: “This is a difficult situation. We have had difficult situations. We have been able to cope, but it’s true that donations are needed.”

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