Maddie McCann suspect’s ex-girlfriend interrogated as witness in probe

Police have talked to the British ex-girlfriend of Maddie McCann suspect Christian Brueckner as a witness in their probe.

German prosecutors are desperate to build a case against the 43-year-old, who they suspect of abducting and killing the youngster in 2007.

Detectives spent 12 hours talking to his ex in the Algarve – the first time German officers have been allowed to work on the case in Portugal.

They told her Brueckner will be in prison for a “very long time” – a clear indication of the confidence they have of convicting him.

German authorities are convinced Brueckner abducted three-year-old Madeleine in Praia da Luz in May 2007 and later killed her.

Prosecutors claim to have proof the British youngster is dead but do not have enough evidence to charge their suspect.

Detectives told his British ex she would be a “crucial witness” if he ever stands trial for the crime.

Prosecutors were so keen to speak to the 45-year-old mum-of-two they offered to pay for flights to Germany.

But the barmaid insisted on the interview taking place in the Algarve, where she lives.

She met two German detectives, three Portuguese officers and two translators during the interview in Faro. A friend of the woman said: “She sat down with them for 12 hours.

“It was gruelling and upsetting for her. They wanted to know everything she knew about Christian.

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“They said every little detail about him was useful to help analyse behaviour patterns.”

The friend added: “She was really upset but they reassured her, saying she was an important character witness. They told her not to worry about him being released.

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“They said he’s going to be inside for a very, very long time.”

Brueckner, who is serving a sentence for drug offences in Germany, was convicted last year of raping a pensioner in Praia da Luz two years before Maddie vanished.

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