Mammoth 22-stone seal separated from family and stranded on beach

A huge seal weighing 22 stone (140kg) has been rescued from a British beach after being found with a rope tied around its neck.

The animal was spotted on Monday, February 7, by a concerned beachgoer at a seal colony in Winterton-on-Sea, Norfolk, who called the wildlife experts.

Green cargo netting appears to have been digging into the mammal’s blubber and the wound is likely to have got progressively worse.

Wildlife rescue teams rushed to help the seal but had to use their own netting to reduce the risk of being bitten.

They coaxed the seal, who was about 12 metres from the sea, away from its herd and brought it ashore.

Then then transported it to East Winch RSPCA centre, where it may remain for three months to recover fully.

Daniel Goldsmith, of Marine and Wildlife Rescue, who was one of the rescuers, said: “It had cargo net around its neck which was digging into its flesh. It had a big, infected injury all the way around the neck.

“It was quite complicit – sometimes seals are really challenging to deal with safely.”

Winterton-on-Sea is a tourist attraction during the winter months, as it’s a nesting ground for Atlantic Grey Seals who head there to give birth.

This has been described as "one of Britain’s greatest wildlife spectacles".

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Last month a pub landlord in Bristol was shocked when a seal pup turned up on his doorstep after travelling 300 miles down from Scotland.

Shocked staff at the Old Lock & Weir in Bristol discovered the underweight animal in their courtyard.

Staff managed to keep him in a safe place by placing empty bread crates around him, despite him being a "bit of an escape artist."

The RSPCA went to the pub and collected the seal, since nicknamed 'Nacho,' and looked after it in its intensive care unit at West Hatch wildlife hospital.

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