Man ‘caught with child sex dolls with built in toys and pic of kid’s face on it’

A man who failed to pay rent on a storage facility was allegedly found with hundreds of child abuse images and five child-like sex dolls.

Adam Neil Wonnocott, 41, was arrested after a staff member at the facility allegedly uncovered hundreds of "photographic images of children performing sex acts" in a locker he had rented.

Wonnocott, it's alleged, had failed to pay rent on the storage locker in the Australian city of Adelaide and the business was forced to intervene in January.

Court documents state a staff member also allegedly found five child-like sex dolls made of "stuffing and pantyhose."

The dolls reportedly had sex toys built in to them, and police allege they were in female clothing.

Officers arrested Wonnocott at his home, where police allegedly found more sex dolls and child abuse material.

According to police records, one of the dolls allegedly had a child’s face laminated on to it, and another had a sculpted hand "shaped for gripping."

Wonnocott has been charged with five counts of producing or taking steps to obtain childlike sex dolls and three counts of possessing them.

He is also charged with four counts of producing child exploitation material and a further four counts of possessing it, as well as a charge of attempting to obtain access to child abuse material.

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John Matner, South Adelaide Police, asked the court on Tuesday for the case to be delayed a further five weeks as they obtain DNA evidence that allegedly links Wonnocott to the dolls.

He said: "There was a disparate length of time between the dolls being placed in storage and the arrest, so we wanted that evidence in respect of whether the accused was involved in raping the dolls.

"Forensic samples that were taken from the dolls have now come back positive for the accused's DNA."

Wonnocott is yet to make a plea on all charges, and will be expected to face court again in October.

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