Man crushed as wife runs off with lottery winnings to start new life with lover

A man in Thailand has been left heartbroken and penniless after his wife took his lottery winnings and ran off with her lover.

The pair had been married for 26 years when the man, Manit, scooped 6 million baht (around £140,856) on the lottery.

Manit had already been making plans with his wife to donate a portion of the winnings to a temple and then hold a ceremony to share it among the family.

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But he spotted someone he didn't know at the ceremony and asked his wife Angkanarat who it was, to be told that it was her relative.

In fact, the stranger was Angkanarat's lover and the pair absconded from the ceremony with the cash, leaving Manit shocked and penniless.

Police have said they are unable to help Manit as he and Angkanarat had never signed an official wedding certificate together, despite being together for 26 years and having three children.

Manit was stunned, saying he hadn't been aware of any problems in the relationship before his wife's drastic move.

However, Manit's son revealed to police that he had been aware of the affair, and contacted his mum who had moved around a four-hour drive away.

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Despite an initial phone call, however, he has since been unable to contact Angkanarat.

Police said there was nothing they could do, it simply appeared that Manit had gifted the money – and that his only option was to try and persuade her to return the money.

They would not be able to revoke the money or reclaim it legally, so persuasion is Manit's only remaining option.

Eventually, Manit turned to the Thai media in an attempt to make contact with his wife.

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