Man finds £33k in cash in metal box hidden by grandad under attic floorboards

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A treasure hunter has discovered a family's metal box filled with £33,000 worth of cash hidden under the attic floorboards.

Keith Wille, who has been helping people to find lost items for more than 10 years, was asked to help a family in New England, US, to find their grandfather's hidden cash box.

He was told the cash box was rumoured to be hidden in the attic and the family spent years looking for it.

Posting the incredible discovery on his YouTube channel RediscoverLost, the metal detectorist scans the area with his tools for an hour until he notices something in the corner.

He says: "On my endoscope camera here, in the hole right here, I think I see the top of the box.

"It looks like a keyhole to a metal box, so we're going to have a closer look.

"You can see the pry marks from years past where this has been removed before."

To find out if it was the rumoured cash box, Keith removes the floorboards and retrieves the box.

A family member is heard saying: "Oh my God!"

Keith takes a look inside and sees stash of cash inside and some "$5,000 bricks".

He says: "These [$5,000 bricks] are not worth the face value. Collectors are gonna want these. There was a total of $46,000 (£33,156) in bills from the 1930s and 1950s."

The expert pointed out that some of them were "silver certificates", which were worth significantly more than the face value.

Viewers were impressed by Keith's work, one commented: "Wow if they had invested this money in the 1930’s and 50’s – this family may have been set for generations."

Another said: "Very interesting findings, hard work that gave very interesting results."

A third guessed: "Those bills are worth more as collectibles than as spendable cash."

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