Man fined £70 for overstaying car park by 24 minutes during shopping spree

A family have blasted a parking company after getting a £70 fine for overstaying by 24 minutes despite spending £1.5k on Christmas shopping in the adjoining shops.

Bob Blenkinsop, from Coventry, said that the family were late to leave the parking lot because his disabled daughter was helping his disabled wife with her mobility scooter and that his pleas for leniency from the parking company, G24, are falling on deaf ears.

His wife and daughter spent £1,500 on Christmas shopping at Coventry's Central Six retail park on November 24, 2021 but overstayed the three hour free parking by 24 minutes because Mr Blenkinsop's wife had to return to use the toilet.

This took longer as she relied on her daughter to accompany her and load her scooter into the car.

Slamming G24 parking as a "mercenary parking agent" and "outrageously greedy", Mr Blenkinsop was slapped with an initial £42 fine which rose to £70 because he ignored it, Coventry Live reported.

Mr Blenkinsop has vowed never to return to Central Six: "[G24] are so outrageously greedy that they would fine someone for spending money in their retail park, it is ridiculous.

"I would rather shop somewhere else."

He added: "The actual fact that they spent over £1,500 between them should negate any time constraints because they are doing retail a lot of good.

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"I wrote back and challenged the fine, I got no sympathy whatsoever, no allowance for disability, if you are over the three hours you are going to get fined."

Mr Blenkinsop is challenging the fine from parking company G24, who operate the Central Six Retail car park on Warwick Road.

Slamming G24 parking as a "mercenary parking agent", Mr Blenkinsop said they did not seem open to listening to his explanation.

"They sent back a second letter demanding the fine, I am just ignoring it."

Daily Star has contacted G24 for comment.

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