Man horrified after NHS Test and Trace leaves voicemail of couple having sex

A man sick with Covid says he was "disgusted" to get a voicemail he claimed was from NHS Test and Trace that appeared to sound like a couple "having sex".

William Ryan, from Basildon, Essex, says he missed the call because he was still sleeping due to feeling unwell and was horrified when he played the voicemail that was left for him.

BBC Essex aired the X-rated audio message, believed to be a call handler having sex, and warned it was for "adults only".

In the clip, what sounds like a woman's voice is heard, panting heavily and moaning in a way that could be interpreted as sexual.

Mr Ryan told the radio show: "I didn't recognise the number so I listened and then I was disgusted by what I heard on the voicemail so I looked up the number to see who it was and it came back with the track and trace number."

He describes the voicemail as "two people having sex basically and having a good time" and said it concerns him because a child could be contacted by NHS Test and Trace and he thinks it is "unprofessional".

"I was quite shocked and I had to listen to it three or four times and I sent it to a few people, 'Am I hearing right?' and everyone I sent it to said, 'Definitely, it is what you're saying it is.'"

He made a complaint a week later when NHS Test and Trace called him again and he said he was told they would investigate and get back to him within 25 days.

In response, a UK Health Security Agency spokesperson said: “We have received a complaint from a member of the public relating to a voicemail message received from an NHS Test and Trace call handler. UKHSA contracts external service providers to deliver this service and expects high standards of all contracted staff at all times.

“We are investigating the matter jointly with the employing agency and have additionally written directly to the complainant. We will ensure this service provider takes any action necessary following the investigation, and we will continue to work with all our service providers to ensure high quality services are delivered at all times.

“The tracing service has contacted 27 million people since the beginning of the pandemic and helped to detect 9.4 million cases of COVID-19. We take the service provided by our contact tracing contractors very seriously.”

If the allegations turn out to be true, it's not the first time somebody working from home has gotten inappropriately frisky.

A teachers' conference on Zoom turned awkward when one of the attendees was caught having sex with the screen on.

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