Man ‘knifed pal to death before feeding his remains to local stray cats’

A man has been accused of stabbing his friend to death, chopping up his body and feeding him to some hungry cats.

The suspect, 33, carried out the attack in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, it has been claimed.

Identified only by his first name Arman, he allegedly killed his friend Daniyar following a vodka binge.

The man is said to have invited his neighbour, 37, to have a drink at his home.

They headed out for supplies but reportedly ended up buying several litres of booze.

The pair returned home to sink the vodka but before long they started arguing – and things spun out of control.

Arman then 'grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Daniyar', killing him instantly.

The alleged incident occurred on March 2.

According to Kazakh media, the suspect cut pieces of flesh from the corpse over the next few days and fed them to the town's cats.

Arman was arrested and taken into custody, and a murder probe has been launched.

Police spokesman Bakhytzhan Kudiyarov said: “The suspect confessed to killing the victim during an argument after inviting him to his apartment for drinking.”

Blood and flesh were found below the suspect's balcony, witnesses said.

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Local resident Dmitriy Postnikov said Arman had been “feeding Daniyar to cats” in an attempt to get rid of his body.

“He was throwing the meat out of his balcony window to the animals waiting outside”, another witness confirmed.

If found guilty of the crimes, he faces up to 15 years in prison.

The investigation continues.

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