Many deaths after devastating fireball explosion erupts by hospital

South Africa: Gas carrier explodes in Boksburg

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Multiple people have been killed in a small city to the west of Johannesburg, South Africa after a gas truck exploded into a huge fireball by a hospital. Horrifying footage showed people burning in the streets of Boksburg in the aftermath as they screamed for help. The truck, reported to have been carrying liquid petroleum gas, blew up after it struck a low-flying bridge. 


First responders to the scene in Boksburg reported that a number of people have been severely burned. 

One local report suggested that body parts were strewn throughout the nearby streets. 

Footage of the incident showed the truck on fire beneath the Railway Street Bridge, after which its entire tank catches alight, causing a seismic explosion. 

A loud bang can be heard as passers-by frantically flee the scene.


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