Meghan and Harrys final straw was when Queen took control of affairs – expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's "final straw" with the Royal Family came when they asked to set up an independent office like Prince William and Kate Middleton, royal experts have claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex left Kensington Palace and moved into Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor estate in March 2019, in the hopes of setting up their own household.

In ITV's new documentary Harry and William: What Went Wrong, former royal correspondent Camilla Tominey spoke about how the division left the Queen and the Prince of Wales frustrated.

She said: "At that point Harry and Meghan want their own office like the Cambridges have, they want their own office to run out of Windsor, out of Frogmore Cottage they were living at that time.

"It's at that point that the Queen and Prince Charles sweep in and say 'No, we will manage your affairs'.

"And in a way, that's the final straw because once again the Sussexes are saying 'Why can't we have what the Cambridges are having? We should be on equal footing'."

Rather than having their own press office established, Harry and Meghan were told that they would be incorporated into Buckingham Palace.

David McClure, a royal finance expert, also explained: "A lot of money in the Royal Family is really top-ended.

"The real wealth lies with the sovereign and the heir to the throne, and they use that money to cross-subsidise some of the poorer members of the royal family."

Later in the same documentary, it was claimed that Harry was not happy about the Cambridges' arrangements for Meghan when she first joined the royals for Christmas in 2017.

Harry felt his brother and Kate did not "roll out the red carpet sufficiently enough" for Meghan, expert Katie Nicholl claimed.

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