Meghan Markle dubbed third-most influential royal but loses out to Kate

The most influential royals have been revealed – and neither Meghan Markle nor Kate Middleton made it to the top spot.

The newly-appointed Princess of Wales nabbed the second-top spot, while the Duchess of Sussex was ranked third, according to new research by Financial World.

But after analysing Google searches, TikTok views and Instagram hashtags, the most influential royal was found to be Queen Elizabeth II, two months after she died.

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The late monarch pulls in a whopping 4.7m Google searches a month, has had 18.7bn TikTok views under her hashtag, and also had her hashtag used 1.6m times on Instagram each month.

Meghan is the second-most Google-searched royal and her name was searched 4.5 million times in the course of a month.

Meanwhile, the heir to the throne, Prince William, and even King Charles III himself, didn't even manage to make the top five, coming in at sixth and seventh respectively.

A spokesperson for Financial World said: "This year has seen the monarchy transform with the death of the beloved Queen Elizabeth II in September.

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"As King Charles begins his reign, many will be curious to see how he chooses to adapt the royal family to a new era and who he will choose to help him do so.

"Popularity and influence are vital for the tenure of the royal family, and this study provides a fascinating insight into the royals that have the widest reach and remain in the public's favour."

Meghan's husband, Prince Harry, is the fourth-most talked-about royal.

Another late royal, Princess Diana, was fifth, despite having sadly passed away 25 years ago.

However, with a new season of The Crown coming up and another royal fatality bringing back memories of the former Princess of Wales' death, it's perhaps unsurprising that the people's princess has been on Brits' minds.

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The Financial World spokesperson added: "With a new season of the hit Netflix show, The Crown, set to revisit the trials and tribulations of the King’s relationship with former wife, Princess Diana, it will be interesting to see how these rankings evolve."

Rounding off the top ten are Princess Anne in eighth, Princess Margaret in ninth, and the Queen Consort, Camilla, in 10th.


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