Meghan Markle leaves fans in tears as she reads new book in soothing voice

Meghan Markle has left her fans in tears of joy after reading aloud with her "soothing voice" for a YouTube channel of children's storybooks.

In the video, uploaded by Brightly Storytime channel run by Penguin Random House who published her book The Bench, Meghan wears a casual blue shirt and simple jewelry.

She says she will be reading from her own book on the channel, which often features children's authors sharing their work.

Introducing her story, Meghan says: "Today I'm going to be read to you my book called The Bench with illustrator Christian Robinson."

She adds: "I asked him to do something special for me and use watercolours, which isn't the normal medium he works in, but he did it to make it extra-special.

"I wrote this as a poem for my husband and our son Archie, and then turned it into a book so you could enjoy it too."

The Bench was released in June at a price of £12.99 and Meghan says she was inspired to write it for Prince Harry's first Father's Day after Archie was born.

Brightly Storytime shared the video on Wednesday (October 27) and so far it has been watched 12,000 times.

Her fans had a very emotional response to the video, with many commenting on Twitter that the Duchess' voice had made them cry with joy.

One user confessed: "So beautiful, thank you so much for sharing! No one told me I'd get tears listening to it."

A second tweeted: "You can hear the love in her voice reading this poem.

"After everything they've endured, it must be emotional to finally be able to watch her son & husband be peaceful and safe on their bench."

Others said her voice had a calming, therapeutic, quality and made them feel soothed or even helped them get to sleep.

"She has the most amazing soothing and lovely voice," said a listener.

Another commented: "Her voice has a calming and welcoming tone to it. Duchess Meghan, you have done a fantastic job."

But a critic blasted: "How can you call 169 words an audiobook? I have seen grocery receipts with more words on it."

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