Melania Trump will now ‘take charge’ in marriage, body language claims

Something shifted inside Melania and Donald Trump’s relationship during his four-year term as president of the United States, a body language expert has said..

The First Lady may no longer feel as though she needs to "play a character" and her public appearances may indicate the tide has turned for the couple.

Analysing the pair's behaviour for the Mirror, body language expert Bruce Durham claims Melania was a vital support for Donald at the beginning of his presidency.

His apparent "lack of empathy, care or even consideration" may have changed this, however, and suggested it would "not be a surprise that if she doesn't leave him, she takes on a more powerful and formidable role in the relationship moving forward".

Mr Durham told the Mirror: "Interestingly, from an emotional perspective during the Presidents inaugural first dance, it’s Donald who looks uncomfortable here.

"In this dance, we see a glimpse into the fundamental lack of emotional connectivity surrounding Donald. Yes, he is great with numbers but as often with people like this, they can often struggle with the human connection.

"Melania to her credit is trying to guide Donald into having a simple dance. She is much calmer in this situation. While Donald is talking, she is the one who is putting up with it as she knows that talking is his way of fumbling through something that he does not enjoy or connect with."

Even during this first moment, Mr Durham claims, Trump show "narcissistic tendencies" that over time could be the reason "we see Melania turning from his rock of support, to fully focused on taking care of only herself."

During her husband’s term, the First Lady has been criticised for many awkward moments where Melania appears to snatch her hand away from her husband.

Mr Durham claims Melania is happy to play her part "most of the time," which means "playing second fiddle to Donald."

Slowly, the First Lady begins to take charge and this is obvious in moments where Melania walks off without instruction, refuses to hold her husband's hand and pulls away from him.

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The body language expert says: "When you look at something more formal like the official lighting of the White House Christmas tree video you can see Donald is again in charge. Melania stands to the side, looking straight at Donald.

"She is there with him but it’s not a joined-up delivery, very much her again as the supporting act. Even as he counts down, she is playing catch up with him so she can press the button according to his timing. She is fulfilling a role here.

"Walking off the stage when she snatches her hand away, and the way that Donald reacts to that gives us a glimpse of what is really going on inside her head and heart."

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Finally, Mr Durham ponders whether Melania will leave Donald Trump after they leave the White House.

He suggests rumours of affairs have plagued their relationship and is no longer willing to “play that character” as it is not needed.

Mr Durham said: "With Donald’s lack of empathy towards others, with his belief that it’s all about him, with him dripping in narcissistic behaviours and with the rumours of Donald having affairs, has Melania in her own head accepted that love in the heart is worth more than dollars in the purse?

"Is she ready to leave as the stage show is coming to an end and she feels that she does not need to play that character anymore?

"Well from a baseline body language analyses perspective, the tide is turning, something is shifting, and it would not be a surprise that if she didn’t leave him, she takes on a more powerful and formidable role in the relationship moving forward."

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