Mensa membership test tells you if you’re sharp enough to join brainy club

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When a three-year-old is able to join Mensa, there's potential for more than 1.4 million people to join the brainy organisation.

The IQ society, however, has only 19,000 members from the UK and Ireland

Only around around one in 50 people are eligible to join, and potential geniuses could be none the wiser.

Toddler Dayaal Kaur has been admitted to Mensa at just three years of age, which may lead people to think they too could be eligible to join the high IQ society.

You might expect there to be an endless list of criteria to hit before you are even considered as a member, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Would-be members simply need an an exceptionally high IQ — and Mensa only accepts the top 2% across the world.

People joining the exclusive club need to take an IQ test that is measured by a recognised or approved IQ testing process.

According to Mensa, many of those that take the test are pleasantly surprised by their IQ score.

People often take the test Mensa offers, but before applying, they must first have taken a test that proves you in the "98th percentile".

The Mirror says the test may be valid for membership under the prior evidence process.

Mensa holds group supervised IQ tests every week across various UK locations, alternatively, tests can be taken via any registered psychologist.

Those wanting to go down the Mensa supervised IQ test route will also receive a free personality profile, said to offer you a rounded assessment of your capabilities for £24.95.

In this case, two papers will be taken, the Cattell III B and the Cattell Culture Fair III A.

Alternative tests, which can better cater for those with disabilities or additional needs, are usually carried out by psychologists.

More dates for supervised IQ tests will be added once restrictions ease and more venues begin to open up.

Mensa has a free online workout that won't generate an IQ score for your attempt, but acts as a great indicator of how you might fare in an IQ test and gets those cogs turning.

It should be thought of as a warm-up to test the waters and to gauge the sort of questions that could crop up during an official test.

Typical questions are along the lines of 'TRIANGLE is to THREE as RECTANGLE is to….'

If you're thinking easy-peasy, then you might have what it takes to apply for Mensa.

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