Merkel crisis: Germany set for 19,000 new cases EVERY DAY by Christmas

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The German Chancellor has warned local outbreaks of COVID must be stamped out to avoid such a harrowing situation. She made the comments in an internal CDU party conference on Monday, as the country continues to deal with a second wave.

She said outbreaks of the virus, which has killed 9,545 Germans so far, must be addressed with urgency “otherwise we will have 19,200 infections per day by Christmas.”

Her warning was confirmed by a person present at the meeting, Der Spiegel reported.

On Tuesday the country reported 2,089 new cases and 11 new deaths.

Germany has confirmed 289,020 infections since the beginning of the pandemic.

Mrs Merkel’s government wants to restrict the size of parties to suppress the spread of coronavirus, a draft resolution showed on Monday.

On Tuesday the chancellor was due to meet with state premiers to discuss the public health crisis.

Under a “hot spot strategy”, the government wants to tighten restrictions to limit parties to 25 people in private and 50 in public places.

The rules would be rolled out in areas where the infection rate hits 35 per 100,000 over a seven-day rolling period, the draft showed.

Temporary bans on serving alcohol would also be enforced.

If the seven-day infection rate hits 50 per 100,000, celebrations in private spaces would be restricted to 10 people and those in public spaces to 25, the draft resolution showed.

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Mass-selling newspaper Bild reported that the plans were running into resistance from some of the state premiers, who must still agree to them.

Germany has fared better than many other European countries so far during the pandemic.

But despite this, Mrs Merkel appears to be livid at how neighbouring countries are handling the pandemic.

During Monday’s virtual meeting, she said: “What leaves me puzzled is that in the countries around us, things are exploding.”

Among those in attendance were North-Rhine Westphalia’s premier, Armin Laschet.

He hopes to succeed Mrs Merkel in the Chancellery next year.

Mr Laschet told the online gathering: “Once again we need more differentiated answers.”

He called for a more localised approach to quashing outbreaks of COVID.

He vowed a tightening of rules for private events in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany’s most populous state.

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