Met Office RED weather warning issued as emergency Cobra meeting called DANGER TO LIFE

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The government is set to hold a Cobra meeting this morning to discuss the response to the two storms, Dudley and Eunice, battering the UK this week. The forecaster said the UK will experience “extremely strong winds”, which will cause “significant disruption and dangerous conditions” on Friday. The warning has been issued for Wales and South West England on Friday.

It said that “flying debris” will cause a “danger to life”.

The Met Office also warned that “damage to buildings and homes” will occur, including fallen power lines and roofs being blown off.

According to the forecaster, “uprooted trees” are also likely.

Transport will be affected, as roads, bridges and railway lines will be closed, leading to delays and cancellations.

A warning has also been issued for power cuts, which could impact mobile phone coverage.

Flooding may also occur in coastal properties as a result of large waves.

The Met Office has also put amber warnings in place for numerous regions of the UK, including London and South England; North West England; East of England and South West England.

A government spokesperson said: “The Minister for the Cabinet Office will chair a COBR this morning to discuss the response to Storm Dudley and Storm Eunice.”

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