Met Office verdict on Easter snow as wintry maps turn blue

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The Met Office has cast doubt on forecasts indicating that Easter weekend may be a cold one, with another chill heading to the UK. Interactive weather models via WXCHARTS shows a potential winter deluge pushing over the country from Saturday, April 8 – on the first Bank Holiday weekend of the year.

It shows temperatures potentially plunging to -6C in Scotland, with snow closely following. But the Met Office’s verdict is different, with its in-house experts telling “the country looking more like spring every day.”

WXCharts, which uses data from MetDesk, suggests snow on April 8 will fall to a depth of 6cm over high ground in Scotland. Snowfall maps show the highest totals around Yorkshire and Scotland, with layers of one to 2cm elsewhere.

By Sunday, April 9, snow probability maps suggest there is a 20 to 25 percent chance of additional wintry conditions around the same areas.

But the Met Office says the weather will remain similar to its current state, albeit with some “unsettled” spells.


Speaking to, Stephen Dixon said there is some “inbuilt uncertainty” for forecasts looking this far ahead.

But, he said, looking towards the weekend, there is a “trend” in the UK’s weather pattern. The “general trend” of that outlook is currently “more settled”, with some possible “wetter interludes”.

He said: “There are some wetter interludes possible, especially in the southern half of the UK.”

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He added: “Further north, we are more likely to see those drier spells of weather and less in the way of rain.”

Temperatures are more likely to be “near average for the time of year” for much of early April.

April is typically still comparatively cool, with average temperatures sitting around 9C.

Mr Dixon added that there are few signals of potential snowfall over the coming weekend “beyond what we would normally expect”.

At most, he said, the UK could see “the odd centimetre here or there”, falling primarily over Scottish mountain peaks.

But the country will become increasingly warmer as spring progresses, with forecasters anticipating temperatures in the mid-teens this week.

Met Office meteorologist Rachel Ayers told the Independent that temperatures will markedly rise from Wednesday, March 29.

And by Thursday, March 30, they could reach highs of up to 15C.

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