Mia Khalifa mocks Russia that the war isnt going the way expected

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Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa has mocked Russia for their war in Ukraine as more countries are expected to join Nato as a result.

The 29-year-old took to her Instagram story to laugh at Vladimir Putin's plans seemingly falling apart at the seams after reports emerged that several countries are expected to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization following his invasion.

The model is seen laughing in the video with the caption "Not going the way R*ssia is expecting it to though, is it?" as she said: "Finland, Sweden and Ireland are all expected to join Nato after this!"

She also added in the caption that "Ireland is looking to increase its size to the Nato required minimum."

Her story comes in response to the Kremlin intervening with threats of "military consequences" if Finland and Sweden join Nato after they met with alliance leaders at a summit for the Ukraine crisis.

Russia’s foreign affairs spokesperson, Maria Zakharova said that all members of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, including Finland and Sweden, “have reaffirmed the principle that the security of one country cannot be built at the expense of the security of others”.

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She added: “Obviously, the accession of Finland and Sweden to Nato, which is primarily a military alliance as you well understand, would have serious military and political consequences, which would require our country to make response steps.”

The news comes after Khalifa shocked millions of her followers after posting a picture on Twitter of instructions on how to make a "Molotov cocktail" in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war.

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine urged residents to arm themselves with homemade petrol bombs to defend their country.

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In a tweet from the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, they said: "In Obolon… We ask citizens to inform about the movement of equipment!

"Make Molotov cocktails neutralise the occupier! Peaceful residents – be careful! Do not leave the house!"

Some fans have responded positively to Mia Khalifa's tweet and have been thanked by some of her Ukrainian followers for standing with them.

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