Minister asked if hes received a d**k pic in awkward Parliament exchange

A Parliamentary debate about online safety took an awkward – and historic – turn this week, thanks to Labour MP Alex Davies-Jones.

The MP for Pontypridd was taking part in the questioning of Conservative MP and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Tech and the Digital Economy, Chris Philp about the Online Safety Bill on Tuesday.

The specific topic of unsolicited penis pictures being sent through social media was brought up during the debate, which took place in committee room nine of the House of Commons.

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Strangely, Mr Philp said: “I understand that it can sometimes be hard to establish intention, but there will be circumstances in which the context of such an incident will often make it clear that there was an intention to cause alarm, distress or humiliation.”

This prompted anger from Ms Davies-Jones, who rather comically asked: “Has the Minister ever received a d**k pic?”

And while the phrase “d**k pic” has been mentioned in Parliament before, it is the first time according to Hansard that another MP has ever been asked if they have been sent one.

Mr Philp replied by asking if it was a “rhetorical question”, which it was not.

Having confirmed that he had not received one, Ms Davies-Jones replied: “So he cannot possibly know how it feels to receive one.

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“I appreciate the comments that he is trying to make, and that this is a fine balance, but I do see this specific issue of sending a photograph or film of genitals as black and white: they are sent either with or without consent.

“It is as simple as that.
“What other circumstances could there be?

“Can he give me an example of when one could be sent without the intention to cause distress, harm or intimidation?”

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But rather than staying quiet in response, the MP actually tried to justify how someone could possibly send a lewd picture “unintentionally”.

He explained: “There might be circumstances in which somebody simply misjudges a situation—has not interpreted it correctly—and ends up committing a criminal offence; stumbling into it almost by accident.”

Ms Davies-Jones did appear to see the funny side, however, when she later tweeted about the exchange using the aubergine emoji – which is usually used in place of a penis online.

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