Mum baffled after son refused from entering bar over his impressive mullet

A woman in Australia has been left baffled after learning her friendly son was denied entry to a bar because he had a mullet.

Speaking to Radio Perth, Karen said that his friends had been allowed into the bar at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel in Perth but he wasn't meaning he was 'discriminated' against.

Instead, her son and his friends moved on to a nearby more 'inclusive' venue where the mullet wasn't an issue.

Karen said: “The mullet is impressive, and he’s quite proud of the mullet – his hair’s got quite curly, so it’s got quite a thickness to it.

“Although he did have a hat on that afternoon, so I’m curious to know how they actually knew it was a mullet hiding under there.”

To rub more salt into the wounds, Karen claims her son had been the designated driver that day meaning he was far from bositerous.

She continued: "The irony is that he was actually driver for the night.

"They went to the Ocean Beach Hotel, the line was too long, and maybe the line is not long at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel because, you know, they’re not letting mullets in.

"They happened to get in – his mates were going in ahead and the bouncer just stopped him and says, ‘Sorry, mate. We’ve got a no-mullet policy’.

“And he had a chuckle and thought he was taking the mickey a little bit – and you don’t have a chuckle with some bouncers.

“And so then he got told ‘No, actually, you’re not welcome to come in.’"

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The bar's exclusionary actions have not gone unnoticed with many condemning the behaviour.

Local Australian TV channel WA Today reports that a dress code sign had been posted inside the bar warning people with mullets to stay away.

However, when they were contacted by local media, the bar appeared to backtrack.

A spokesperson said: “This is not a policy of the hotel, and we apologise for any inconvenience. Further, we would like to reach out to the gentlemen who were inconvenienced and apologise in person.”

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