Mum fuming after being served worst cheesy chips ever for £7 at music festival

A mum has bemoaned the "worst cheesy chips of her life," leaving foodies in horror when they discovered she was charged a staggering £7 for the "laughable rip-off".

Chloe Fletcher had been partying at house music festival Beach Jam in Redcar, North Yorkshire, last Saturday when she decided to re-energise with food after dancing away for hours.

The 23-year-old mum-of-two was dismayed to discover the festival's catering offering was all "ridiculously expensive" so settled upon cheesy chips, which were the "cheapest thing" at £7.

However, the hungry bartender was horrified to be handed the "poor quality" chips with a few slices of orange American cheese "slapped on top".

After double-checking her bank statement, outraged Chloe then posted the food fail online, where other social media users branded it "f****** grim".

Chloe, from Hartlepool, County Durham, said: "It was so bad. They were the worst cheesy chips I'd ever seen in my life.

"They were £7. They were very overpriced and poor quality. They didn't even attempt to make it look nice. They literally just slapped [the cheese] on the top.

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"The cheesy chips were the cheapest thing there. The drinks were ridiculously expensive – everything was.

"We were laughing at them but didn't really think much of it. I looked at the photo of them the next day but couldn't believe how bad they looked."

Chloe was attending her first music event since the start of the pandemic and looking forward to seeing headliner Joel Corry.

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But when she grew hungry, she was shocked that the caterers 'dared' to dish out the disappointing cheesy snack.

Chloe said: "It was one of the first events since Covid and I think they were just trying to rip people off.

"I didn't mind paying it but I didn't expect them to look like that. I knew that was the cheapest thing and I paid it anyway because we were there all day.

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"We thought it was kind of funny and ate them. They even tried to melt the cheese in the microwave. It just didn't work.

"It just shows how much festivals can charge for food. I wouldn't dare hand that out to someone."

Since posting the image online, Chloe's post has since been shared more than 850 times by outraged social media users.

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Chloe said: "Hundreds of people a day have shared it. I didn't think it'd go so viral. I was just showing friends and family for a laugh."

Carlos Dean said: "Jesus they look so f****** grim, should have asked for a refund. Chips look mank with a floppy bit of processed cheese chucked on for good measure. Yuck."

Chloe O'Donnell said: "Fuming," while Kenzie Hoskins said: "That [is] far from okay."

Beth Gronow added: "Nah I'd kick off."

Beach Jam has been approached for comment.

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