Mum hopes daughters murderer rots in jail and goes to darkest parts of hell

The mum of murdered Melissa Belshaw has spoken out one year on since her daughter killer was put behind bars.

Andrew Wadsworth was given a life sentence in December 2020, with a minimum of 32-years for the murder of his ex-partner Melissa Belshaw, and attempted murder of their neighbour.

In a cocaine and alcohol-fueled attack 37-year-old, Wadsworth stabbed and killed Melisssa, in front of her teenage daughter in May 2019.

Now, one year into his life sentence, Melissa’s mother Jean Mulvaney has spoken out, stating she hopes he "rots in jail" and that needs to "go to the deepest, darkest parts of hell" for what he did.

Speaking to the ECHO, the mum admitted the killer’s name was a banned word in her house.

She said: "I hope he rots in jail and he needs to go to the deepest, darkest parts of hell.

"I never knew what hate was until all of this occurred. I never knew what hate meant, but I do now."

She went on: "I hope he never sees the light of day again… he took away everything from us."

Jean was forced to listen to the brutal attack on her daughter after her granddaughter called for help.

She was then subjected to "lie after lie" from Wadsworth, who Jean described as "the devil", in a bid to cover up the attack.

Jurors at Manchester Crown Court refused to fall for his claims.

The former mixed martial arts fighter had initially appeared to be a "real gentlemen" before "vanishing" – it was later uncovered that he had been in prison for a violent burglary.

Melissa continued to see Wadsworth, believing he had turned over a new leaf but Jean objected and banned him from her home.

However, at the time of the attack, Melissa had ended the relationship.

As domestic incidents typically increase over Christmas and New Year, Jean urged anyone who did not feel safe in their relationship to take action.

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She said: "They need to get out, they need to seek help as soon as possible."

Jean added the past 18 months had been "very hard", and that she had not decorated her home for the second consecutive Christmas.

But she said she does everything she can to keep her daughter’s "beautiful soul" alive.

Jean said her home is a shrine to Melissa, whose grave she decorated with a wreath as loved ones paid tribute over Christmas.

She said: "I have pictures of her everywhere in the house. I speak to her every morning. As long as I am living her name will stay alive. She was a beautiful soul, inside and out.

"Her memory will never be forgotten."

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