Mum left disgusted after spider nest bursts open on Waitrose bananas

A mum was left "disgusted" by a mysterious bump on her bunch of bananas that turned out to be a burst of creepy crawlies.

Mum-of-three Michelle had returned from Waitrose with the odd-looking bunch and after a bit of poking and prodding, found that one banana had an infestation of spiders.

The sickening discovery was found while the mum-of-three was unpacking her groceries, when she noticed the strange blister-like mark on her bunch of bananas, EdinburghLive reported.

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It would appear her Waitrose essential bananas featured an extra surprise for Michelle, a collection of baby spiders which exploded from the fruit when husband Martin opened up the blemish.

Michelle had called on her husband Martin for a bit of backup when assessing the strange banana blemish.

But the pair had realised spiders were within after seeing one crawl out of the plastic bag-packaged bananas, prompting martin to strike at it with a fork.

Lifting the peel of the banana after putting them in the sink, Martin appeared to have accidentally released what looks like hundreds of baby spiders.

She said: "I bought them from Waitrose, Morningside last Monday and noticed when I took them out of the wrapper that there was something odd.

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"I thought finding spider's nests on shop-bought fruit was a urban myth but then I took a photo and zoomed in, you could see a spider crawling out!

"My husband opened the nest out and hundreds and hundred of spiders came out. When I looked online to see what they might be, it was all horror stories sounding frightening.

"I'm unsure if these were harmful or not but they have put me off buying bananas for now. I’ve had a dream that the mother was in the pack and escaped. Afterwards I felt itchy all over!".

The mum-of-three phoned a "very polite" Waitrose customer service before pouring hot water and bleach in the sink to clear out any remaining creepy crawlies.

Michelle, who added she had not been back to the Morningside Waitrose branch since, received an apology from the company, who added they were "urgently investigating this with our supplier to make sure that this doesn't happen again."

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