Mum wants ‘eyelashes for life’ after she’s blamed for salon theft on Facebook

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An DJ and mum of two says she wants "compensation or free fake eyelashes for life" after her picture was posted on Facebook in connection with an alleged theft.

ADHD sufferer and trainee hairdresser, Vicki-Anna Peterson, says her reputation is in tatters following her visit to Boss Beauty on Holderness Road in Hull for some fake eyelashes and nails to "get pretty" for a Facebook live session.

After her trip the salon posted her picture on Facebook, suggesting she had stolen some items, reports HullLive.

Furious Vicki-Anna said: "Someone has robbed them and I have gone in at the wrong time and they have obviously assumed it was me.

"It affected every aspect of my life, it was like a punch in the stomach. You wouldn’t expect it when I hadn’t even done anything – if I had done it then fair play.

"I couldn't have that on Facebook. I know quite a lot of people and I’ve got a good reputation going at the moment.

"I was shocked. I rang the shop straight away to get my photo off there and they said ‘no’. I couldn’t believe it. Me and my friends reported it so many times that Facebook took them down.

"I am a young mum of two very young boys and now I feel victimised and slated for something I really didn't do.

"I don't think people should be able to put a picture on Facebook without giving them permission because it is slander and defamation of character and I just got my first DJ booking.

"The crap that I have had to put up with – this is just the icing on the cake. I wouldn't say I looked shady – I might have looked a bit scruffy because I just dropped the kids off. I want a full apology off them and I want some compensation or free lashes for life."

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The owner of Boss Beauty said in a statement to Hull Live: "She came in browsing the beauty products which she was more than welcome to do. We had stocked up that morning and realised items were missing after she left. When I saw the CCTV I was upset and I took to Facebook to find the girl's name, which wasn’t the best idea.

"I should have just gone to the police first. I have since had to buy glass cabinets just to make sure that I can protect my belongings and the police have been to see me and were happy to and go see the girl to ask for the money for the missing items. The salon has taken a massive hit since Covid and we are doing our best to get back on our feet."

A spokesperson for Humberside Police said: "We received a report of a suspected theft from the store. We have carried out an investigation but due to evidential difficulties we were unable to progress it.”

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