Mysterious creature dubbed baby Loch Ness Monster washes up dead on UK beach

People have been left baffled by a mysterious creature dubbed 'baby Nessie' that washed up dead on a UK beach.

Images of the animal's corpse were shared by the person who found it on the r/CasualUK Reddit page.

They wrote: "Found this on the beach the other day, anyone know what it is?"

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The creature appears to have a flat, rounded head, four legs or fins of varying sizes and a long tail. Its body is dark grey in colour with white spots on its head right down to the tail.

Baffled Reddit users rushed to the comments section to guess what it could be, with one comparing it to a "sleep paralysis demon".

"Baby Loch Ness Monster," was another suggestion, although the images are far too clear for it to be Nessie.

On a similar but less mythical theme, some people suggested it could be a "dinosaur".

Others went more specific and guessed "liopleurodon", a carnivorous marine reptile that went extinct in the Late Jurassic Period.

Although some of the white markings do resemble what scientists think the liopleurodon may have looked like, luckily there were people on hand with more realistic suggestions.

One explained: "It's a ray without any wings. Male going by the claspers. Probably processed at sea and the carcass was chucked overboard."

Agreeing, a second added: "It looks like a ray but without fins."

A few others who claimed to have sea fishing experience all agreed that it was some form of ray, with its wings either removed by fishermen or eaten by a predator.

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