Netflix partners Harry and Meghan would be happy to be on The Crown – expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be “very happy” if The Crown series continued up to the present day and could help Netflix “shape the narrative”, a royal commentator has claimed.

‘The Crown’ is a hugely popular Netflix series, tracking the history and drama of the Royal Family, beginning with the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Season five is set for release in November 2022, and is expected to feature the controversial interview between the BBC’s Martin Bashir and Princess Diana.

And after season six, there had been reports – confirmed by a Netflix tweet – that the drama would finish, having followed the royals' lives up until the early 2000s.

However, one royal commentator has claimed that, since signing a deal with Netflix after leaving the royal institution, Harry and Meghan might hope that production of the hit show continues.

“Now, according to a very good source, Harry and Meghan, allegedly, would be very happy if it continued,” Neil suggested on his YouTube channel.

“They feel that this could be a perfect opportunity to male sure that their narrative, their exit if you like, could be documented.

“This is rather a clever move by them, distressing of course for the British royals over here, but good for them, because they could help shape the narrative again.”

When Meghan and Harry moved across the Atlantic and left their royal working lives, they went on to sign up to lucrative deals with both Netflix and Spotify.

And, despite listing a docu-series and animated show on their ‘Archewell Productions’ site page, the public is yet to receive any releases from the Sussexes on Netflix.

This means, Neil suggested, that a new series of The Crown covering the modern day might offer a good opportunity for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to collaborate with their employers.

“If the Crown did continue and it did bring it right up to date, wouldn’t it be interesting to see exactly how they fare?” he continued.

“Given that Harry and Meghan are on their payroll, would they be able to shed some insider light on what exactly went on in those vital meetings and days and hours before they decided to ‘Megxit’?”

Harry recently condemned the term ‘Megxit’ when he spoke at a panel on online abuse, claiming that it had been invented by “internet trolls”.

Daily Star has approached Meghan and Harry’s representatives for comment.

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