New SAS super rifle that can fire around corners is ‘holy grail of urban combat’

British special forces have a new rifle capable of shooting around corners.

The CornerShot will allow members of the elite force to open fire without exposing themselves to an enemy.

It is in use with US and Israeli special forces and is credited with saving “dozens” of troops from death or injury.

CornerShot has a pistol mounted in a front hinged section which can be aimed using a camera and fired via a standard-looking rifle trigger and stock. It is understood SAS counter-terrorist troopers are already trying out four of them.

An Army source has called it a “fantastic piece of equipment which will be a game changer on operations”.

He said: “Being able to shoot accurately around a corner when you are street fighting is the holy grail of urban combat. This will be a life-saver. Every time you move around a corner or try to open fire from a corner you expose yourself.

“A lot of British soldiers were killed in Northern Ireland and Afghanistan trying to take up a fire position on a corner of a building.

“But this piece of equipment will change all of that. One of the main SAS roles now is to support police on operations within towns and cities. So this rifle will be getting a lot of use.”

Last week, it was revealed that Britain’s special forces are to have their budget boosted by more than £400million.

Much of the new cash will be used to buy new equipment.

Defence sources said the SAS first learned about it after US Navy Seals – the unit who killed Osama Bin Laden – used it against gunmen in Afghanistan.

The MoD does not comment on UK special forces.

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